Connie Mabbott is an embroidery designer and illustrator located in the West Midlands. She creates beautiful, illustrative embroideries using her own take on free-motion embroidery and digital embroidery. Connie's work focuses highly on colour and detail, and often a combination of free-hand, digital and hand finishes is used to create the unique finish with lots of depth and shading. 

Whilst Connie often takes inspiration from nature for her own work, she enjoys a challenge and being drawn outside of her comfort zone of florals, leaves and butterflies when working on commissions, freelance projects and artwork. Previous clients include Hampton Manor, McHugh Lifestyle, Bloom & Wild, Reedham Rose Floristry, Roundhouse Gin and other private artists and designers.

Connie has also curated her own line of embroidered garments which she sells online under the brand name Connie's World. For this she mostly uses creative digital embroidery to decorate ethically and sustainable sourced garments with her own illustrated designs.



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my story

"It wasn't until my degree that I realised I had a serious passion for embroidery. I'm from Wales and whilst I studied Art & Design at college, it was very broad! I just knew I wanted to do something with fashion and fabrics, so I began studying Textile Design at Birmingham City University in 2012 under the impression that I would specialise in printed textiles. To my surprise ended up falling in love with embroidery!"
"After graduating with a First Class Honours degree, I started working at Hawthorne & Heaney in London, which I obtained through an internship during my second year at university, and specialised as their digital embroidery and ecommerce assistant. I was still living in Birmingham at this time which meant a daily three hour commute both ways, so I changed roles after 6 months to a bridal embroidery assistant at the Couture Company in Birmingham, focusing on free machine embroidery and hand stitch for bespoke wedding gowns."

"For two years I juggled working as an embroiderer for the Couture Company, waitressing and setting up my own embroidered fashion business. This was difficult however I was determined to make it work, and was able to leave my second job as a waitress in 2018 and work for myself  part time, and for the Couture Company twice a week."

previous clients

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