My Story

It wasn't until my degree that I realised I had a serious passion for embroidery. I began studying Textile Design at Birmingham City University in 2012 under the impression that I would specialise in printed textiles, but to my surprise ended up falling in love with embroidery, old and new!
After graduating with a first class honours degree, I soon snapped up a job at Hawthorne & Heaney in London, which I obtained through an internship during my second year at university, and specialised as their digital embroidery assistant. Unfortunately this didn't last long, still living in Birmingham meant a daily three hour commute both ways, so I changed roles completely to a bridal embroidery assistant at the Couture Company in Birmingham, focusing on free machine embroidery and hand stitch.

With lots of spare time on my hands now that work was just a short walk away I began making small embroideries for my clothes. I had a lot of interest in what I was making for myself, and so decided to make them available for everyone to buy on Etsy. I'm currently still working as a bridal embroidery assistant at the Couture Company, whilst continuing to grow my little business from home at the hope that one day it will take off!