I often get asked how ethical and sustainable my products are, and as it's something we are increasingly aware of, I thought it about time to open up about where my base products and embroidery threads are sourced.

The brand I use for all products across my website is called Mantis World. Mantis are an award winning ethical clothing company who make fashion basics that are not only quality, but can be worn guilt free.

The t-shirts that I use to embroider onto from Mantis are 100% organic cotton, and the jumpers are made from 80% organic cotton, and 20% recycled plastic - this I love!

Here are a few links to information pages on the Mantis World website (there are many more which you can spend hours reading through if you wish)

The threads I use to embroider with are also sourced from an eco-friendly company called Gunold. Here are few links from the official Gunold website that describe this in depth:

If you have any further questions regarding the making of my products, please feel free to get in touch!